4 Tips to Grow your Amazon Black Friday Sales

Amazon said Cyber Monday and Black Friday were the biggest shopping days in its history. 

Amazon; The online retail giant has didn’t disclose the exact sales figures, but Amazon said that customers had ordered more than 180 million product items during the 5 days of Black Friday sale, and it was the biggest single shopping day ever for Amazon.

Cyber Monday generate appx. $7.9 billion in sales for all retailers and made it the biggest online shopping day till yet, according to the Adobe’s estimation. which is an appx. 20% increase from the last year. Online sales for Black Friday season have reached $3.7 billion and $6.2 billion, respectively in 2018.

If you’re a business owner and selling products on Amazon then this guide is for you. because in this guide I’m revealing some powerful tips that can help you to grow your Amazon Black Friday Sales:

1. Competitive Pricing

Repricing is more important during the holiday season sale. you should take advantage of yours and your competitor’s hot products. you can keep an eye on your competitors’ prices, With repricing softwares and can boost your chances. Ensure you have enough stock of products to meet the inevitable increase in demand.

if your stock has left then don’t worry. Christmas Day sale and January is a good month for sales as people spend gift cards & look to pick hot sales!

2. Get More Reviews!

if someone recommends, we are more likely to buy something.

More Amazon reviews = better product visibility, more sales. Those buyers could be encourged by the number and quality of reviews you’ve received. also offer an excellent customer experience (e.g. early shipping, going the extra mile) and the positive reviews should be plentiful.

3. Improve your Amazon SEO

Amazon is one of the world’s largest search engines, in a way, So, to get your products in front of buyers, you should need to excel at Amazon search engine optimisation (SEO). As well as being competitive priced and getting great reviews by focusing on the customer experience, you should optimise your Amazon product listings.

Fill in as much information as possible and use unique copy and use keywords relevant for the target market.

4. Promote your Products

So you’ve found a great product to sell, priced it competitively and optimised your listings, now—how do you sell it?

One way is to use Amazon sponsored product ads which are displayed as per below with a “Sponsored” label.

Amazon sponsored product ads

Aside from Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, other successful tactics include use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) and blogging.


To be successful on the Amazon holiday season, sellers must be aware of postage dates, stock up on products and keep their prices optimized.

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